Open Source Systems

Decentralization, privacy, security and anonymity – the foundation in the thinking behind Zero Avocado and what we do

Our current projects include:

The smart phone for private and secure communication. This is our current flag ship development. Most of our other developments are project that support this device or its users to maintain privacy in critical situations.

Learn more about Avoozer on its own website

Our own VPN tunneling service with access points in many countries and regions and growing quickly. Supreme service level with no down throttling and no logs. All provided using the industries “gold label” system. OpenVPN.

Currently only available for Avoozer smart phone users

We think the user should be able to decide what they want to read, share and discuss. an open discussion you not be moderated based on political, religious or other views.

A decentralized “multi stable” blockchain based storage of value and for conversion of traditional assets to digital assets.
Zercados is also used as our own reward system for developers allowing them to become a part of Zero Avocado Ltd as owners.